Friday, February 01, 2013

An End To Start A Beginning

A new year has just start. A year full of hope. A year full of wish.
But only one month passed, and we had a farewell. A farewell of someone that we knew this past one year. Actually, at first I am not really close to him and somehow we argued a lot. But lately we getting better and slowly getting close. That was a fight that unite us. Maybe that was the way for us to greeting and getting to know each other better.

He was my boss. He was an outsider that join in the company. It was hard for him. And of course for me, too. He learned the new job, environment, people, and everything. I taught him the job, environment, people, and everything.

And that was the time we got the tense. But finally we can passed through it. And now he leaving the company. Pursue a better life and better job, of course. This one year, a year full of hatred, disbelieve, and suspicious. And we already over it well.

All I can say is, this was a very hard year for all of us in the team. We passing it safely. And we are getting stronger than before.
I pray the best for you, boss. And don’t forget all of us.

Tribute to A. C. W